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Lessons from the new Linda Ikeji Social Media Platform(LIS)

November 4, 2016 Business 0
Lessons from Linda Ikeji Social

In recent years, we have seen a number of regular people becoming billionaires in less than a decade. On the 1st of November 2016, the Nigerian blogger turned millionaire, Linda Ikeji, just launched her social media media platform known as Linda Ikeji Social(LIS). According to her, it is a platform where she combines blogging and social networking. During an interview, she pointed out that the aim of the platform is to enable her audience also earn some money in eye witness reports using the platform. Also, she said the idea was born as a result of her fans having to chose between her blog and her facebook page. The platform will enable users to connect with friends, chat, buy and sell stuffs, and also read about the latest happenings around the world. This is an opportunity for users with a huge following to earn a good amount of money with ads on their pages. This innovative Lady is taking the Nigeria media industry bigtime. The LIS happens to be one of Linda Ikejis latest media expansion initiative which include an online TV network(Linda Ikeji TV), an online radio station(Linda Ikeji Radio), and a music website(Linda Ikeji Music).

Wow Aunty Linda is brilliant. What better time to come up with an innovative idea than now. Even in the recession, people are building media empires. Check out this video as she explains how the site works.


What does this mean for marketers in Nigeria?

Considering the amount of traffic which Lindaikejisblog attracts, this is an opportunity for marketers to reach a large Nigerian audience. It is also an opportunity for everyone to make money online. As an eyewitness reporter, people can make money by providing timely reports.


What are the lessons from Linda Ikeji Social Media Platform?

  1. Listening to customers: Recently in a discussion with some colleagues, I told them that Linda was not fully utilizing the potential her platform has to offer not knowing that Aunty Linda was cooking something behind the scenes. It definitely came at the right time. She pointed out that the platform was in response to her listening to her customers. Very thoughtful of her.
  2. Creating a brand story: The amazing thing about having a brand story is that you make it easier for people to share and talk about you. In the video, Aunty Linda told her story and good enough, it was one which her customers can relate with.
  3. The potential of online marketing: This is a huge wake up call for any business that is yet to take their products and services online. If you are yet to go online, act fast because you might arrive late to the party. Digital marketing has come to stay and will definitely open up bigger opportunities everyday.
  4. Leverage on existing success: Launch of LIS points to the fact that it is best to build stuffs bit by bit. Leveraging on the success of her blog, she has taken it to another level. Same principle can be applied to social media marketing. You should concentrate on building your audience on one platform then leverage your on the success of that one to build something bigger.
  5. User generated content marketing strategy: The best marketing for your brand is that which is done by your customers. Encourage your customers to share your products and believe me, you can’t go wrong with incentives add to it. Cash giveaways, promotions, and other forms of incentives encourage your customers to promote your products and services.
  6. Power of social media: LIS makes us understand the power of social media. “Sharing is Caring” . Don’t forget to share the article you just read now. Help a friend become informed


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