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10 practical ways for setting up a winning online marketing strategy

October 3, 2016 Digital Marketing 2
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One of the things we are constantly thinking about as a brand is how to reach people. We want to take our content and reach to the next level and figure out where people spend their time. Mobile is the new TV and social networks are the channels. Brands have the opportunity for their stories to be talked about by millions of people on the internet.

The mantra “Content is King, and context is queen” will always continue to be true. And with data informing context, the next generation of industry game-changers in the world will be defined.

With the drift towards a digitally driven world, we may be tricked into thinking that the game is now easier to play. But is that the real situation? Did it get easier to sell to customers?

Online marketing has made it easier for brands to get people to know about a newly developed product. With little amount of money, you can be able to throw ads around and see some amount of click-throughs. But is that really all digital marketing can offer? Is that all you really want from online marketing? I guess not. Digital marketing has so much more to offer than just the hit-and-run marketing.

To be successful in any business, you definitely need to implement different combination of strategies which other brands have successfully used to get their products across to their target audience. Some of these top strategies are what we have put together and presented to you in this article. it will guide your navigation through the digital marketplace.


  1. An excellent user experience on your website

Your website most often is the first encounter anyone has with your brand This creates a vital impresssion on the mind of your visitor who uses the quality of your site to judge if you are professional or not. As a top priority, mobile-first is a sure win strategy for gaining your ground as an authority in your field. I recommend the use of a content management system like wordpress, magenta, drupal, joomla etc. You don’t expect people to take you seriously whereas if you are using the free version of these platform. Get a domain name and hosting. Good enough lots of these hosting companies present in Nigeria are efficient like Whogohost, gigalayer, and web 4africa.

  1. Curating quality content for your site

Your visitors will most like want to come back when the have gotten answers to their question previously. So it is natural that they will likely seek for your input when other questions arise which are related to the niche your content covers. These topics can be in the form of how-tos, tutorials, infographics, videos, and more.

  1. Position your brand as a source of relevant information in your niche

As a brand, your job is to provide relevant information to the users about any particular niche you are into. You should incorporate a blog to your website to provide relevant information in your niche. The era of just designing a static website and leave it unattended to is over. All these translate to better page ranking on search engines as they will be forced to rank you higher seeing that your site visitor spend a considerable amount of time on website.

  1. Build a community

One proven way to successfully create a community is with the use of social media. The era we are now is tagged “The Social Media Age”. Statistics show that an average of 701,389 people log into their facebook account every minute, 20.8 million messages are shared on WhatApp in same time frame, and people perform 2.4 million queries on google every minute. All these show the amount of time being spent on social media daily. The best way to engage your audience is with the use of social media and for people to really trust you, you need to interact with them and let them know that you care about them.

  1. Stalk your potential customers in a sexy way

Can you imagine a scenario where your crush walks up to you and starts letting you know how much they like you and feel about you? That same psychology applies in the field of selling. One way to do this is using email marketing. A great number of people out there today pick up their phones early in the morning and also late at night to know who cared enough to send them an email, not just any email, but one that will add value to their life. Email marketing can either work for you or it can work against you. That’s the reason why I mentioned earlier that you have to do the stalking in a sexy manner. Don’t spam!!

  1. Search Engine Optimization

Search engines can be a great source of free traffic to your website when you have done a good job in making your page rank high. In earlier days, it was much easier to get your page to rank high on google. All you needed was a few of customization and probably some blackhat tricks and you’ll get your page ranking real good. But over the years, the rule of the game has changed and is still changing for good. Google, which is the largest known search engine, has made a series of updates to their search algorithm over the years which has impacted some websites positively and others negatively too.

The latest update being the Mobilegeddon update. This update is aimed at ranking sites that are mobile friendly over those that are not. You the impact is huge as most search queries are performed on mobile devices.

  1. Sales funnel

To successfully sell online, a marketing strategy is indispensable in not only getting your prospects to buy but also to ensure repeat sales. Sales funnel just like the name implies is a top-down selling strategy which leads all the way down to actual sales and making sure your prospective buyer does not drift away along the line. You know, this is very important in digital now because people easily get drifted away when they get the slightest perception that they aren’t getting what they want. This is expected as there is so much information on the internet, such that you can get information about almost anything with the click of a button.

  1. Lead magnet and sharing

Lead magnets are strategies that send traffic to your websites even when you aren’t there to promote it. It includes automations which send periodical messages on your social media channels thereby helping you implement your sales funnel marketing strategy. Similarly, another strategy in building a lead magnet is by providing something of value to your potential customer such that when they subscribe to your mailing list, you then provide them information about something they are passionate about for free and with the intention of driving them further down your sales funnel leading to eventual sales and higher conversion rate.

Lead magnet boils down to providing value for your customers, delivering a quality product or service and subsequently being so good that someone who has used your service recommends you to their friend ensuring that good news about your brand spreads out. In as much as it is good for you to tell people about your product, it is also important that you encourage your customers to share your story with their friends and families. Add conspicuous share buttons on your blog or website as this makes sharing easier. This way you get to reach more people outside your community.

  1. Branding and brand image

Your brand is the emotional connection that people make with your business. It is based on everything you say and do as a company, and includes the messages you communicate through advertising — the values and beliefs of your company, and the experiences that you offer your customers. A strong brand will set your business apart, and is an invaluable intangible asset.

Branding is what distinguishes your product from that of your competitors. We immediately recognize popular brands when we see them. Brands like MTN, Jumia.com, Uber etc are all easily recogised when seen.

Branding isn’t only about your logo, it also encompasses what you stand for, your value proposition, your brand story and how you tell it. You have to be aware of the buyers pattern of thinking, what they really want and how best you can deliver it to them which they cannot get anywhere else. The perception people have about your brand matters a lot. It is very important you keep track of what people are saying about your brand online. Tools like google alert, send you an email when your brand is mentions anywhere on the web.

  1. If you’re doing it yourself, you are wrong

The above statement I made, I did not mean it literarily because you have to be involved in your digital marketing if you want the best. Just like you will want to hire a doctor to check your health or treat you, as you will hire a lawyer to stand for you in court, as you will get a builder to build your house, definitely you will want to hire a Digital consultant to implement your strategies for optimum return on investment. Strategic marketing is what distinguishes the real value providers from mediocre sellers. There are a number of digital marketing agencies out there doing a wonderful job. The likes of Red Media, Anakle, Wild Fusion, ringier media, Vibewebsolutions and several others  and  also couple of digital marketing consultants such as Carolinewabara, ikennaoyenta and a host of others

Digital consultants are experts who will not only get you sales online but also use the best practices which will ensure that you are always on track and you meet your goals.


It is a whole new game entirely and you won’t want to be left out. Success isn’t all about hardwork, you also have to work smart. You may want to stick around to know about these technologies, get updates on the latest trends around the world, and best practices in implementing a winning digital marketing strategy for your business. Subscribe to our mailing list and get updates directly on your inbox. Thanks for your attention.

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      Mariah Am glad you find the information on our page informative. I have been in the industry for close to a year now. Will be glad if you can specify the keywords with which you found our page with. Thank you

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