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October 12, 2016 Digital Marketing 0


To be successful in implementing a winning marketing strategy and get results, your marketing plan must incorporate the 5 pillars of digital marketing. If you fail to setup a strategic plan, your marketing goals will definitely suffer.

Here we discuss about the crucial aspects of online marketing which every brand must get right: content marketing, mobile, organic search, social media, and lead nurturing/conversion.

5 most important aspects of digital marketing


Content Marketing:

The saying that, “Content is king” still holds true in the world of digital marketing. Content remains the major driving force behind every online marketing endeavor. Having a blog as part of a brand’s website is not only good but necessary to successfully provide your audience with relevant and fresh content engage the user and subsequently convert them into paying customers. Quality content also positions you as an authority in your field. It also establishes you as a thought leader within your business vertical.



Majority if online activities these days are done through a mobile device. And as a result, mobile-first approach is beginning to form the core of most successful online marketing. All aspects of your digital marketing should put into consideration the mobile users as they form the larger percent of the devices used in accessing the internet.

organic search

Organic Search:

This together with quality content optimized for users gives any brand leverage to succeed in selling online. Search engines process billions of queries on a daily basis as this is the easiest and fastest way to access needed information for many. This makes optimizing for search engine a crucial part of digital marketing. Doing this will not only drive more traffic to your website but also increase your chances of selling more of your products.


Social Media Marketing:

Social media is essential in building a community of followers and loyal customers. When utilized properly, social can be used in engaging your potential customers, and increase brand presence through the internet. It can also serve as a medium to share useful information your products and services.


Lead Nurturing and Conversion:

This is the most important aspect of your digital marketing train. This is where all the magic happens (Return on investment).

Studies have shown that very small percentage of those who visit a site for the first time actually go ahead to buy initially (less than 5%). Your strategy should include a means of bringing them back to your website. One of the tools for doing this is the email marketing. This is a very essential tool in driving a potential customer further down your sales funnel. A strategically developed digital marketing plan not only ensures that your lead comes back, but also brings someone else into the system. Email marketing has been in use over the years for lead nurturing and it still works till date. Email marketing has the potential of converting about 70-80% of your first time site visitors who did not buy at first.

These tool when put to good use has the potential of turning the sales of a business around, but work has to be done.. Get in touch with us today to know more about digital marketing or subscribe to our mailing list to get updates in your mailbox. Your comments and contributions are  most welcome.

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