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Simple strategies for social media marketing

October 3, 2016 Digital Marketing 0
social media marketing


Social media marketing is one of the most powerful tools in your digital marketing channels. Apparently, its usage and application in achieving digital marketing goals have skyrocketed, such that many businesses and organizations implement it as one of their key form of digital marketing.

And statistics shows that social media marketing when well implemented yields a considerably high ROI. Social media has been around for some time now, but it isn’t until recently that businesses have begun to key into it as a major growth driver. It is one thing to have a social media platform, and it is another thing is to know how to use them effectively.

Proper usage of social media will not only help you sell your products but also you can create a strong personal connection with your prospective customers, even with existing customers.

It is obvious that social can help brands build a community and sev

eral other benefits that come with it and this has resulted to marketers diving into without a clear cut strategy for achieving the intended objective of the business. This can be a huge waste of resources and time.

Mismanagement of a brands social media channel can work against the intended goal of building a following of loyal customers. This is what some organizations have tried to dodge and you need to avert it.

To benefit from social media marketing, you need to define and build a clear cut strategy that brings your brands aims and objectives to bear.

However, First, you need to answer the following questions; what do I intend to achieve? What is the thrust behind my social media marketing strategy?

Whether it is brand awareness that I want to create or to drive traffic to your website? Are you looking to increase sales or to build community of loyal customers? Giving an answer to these questions is the first step in developing a winning strategy for social media marketing.


For optimum results, here are points to take note of in winning the game of social.


Value Creation

In the digital world today, the major concept that builds traction and develops a strong online presence is the concept of value creation for your customers. The  internet if filled with so much information and very little regulation to what goes online and gets seen by people. Therefore being of help by providing relevant informant when it is needed by your prospective customers distinguishes you from the crowd. It also singles you out as an authority in your field.  Developing a strong content that will engage your readers on various social media platforms is very important. You have to deliver an engaging content that will add value to your readers or customers.

One mistake some people make is by always discussing about their brand most of the time, this is wrong. You should avoid boring the readers by just discussing about your brand, without developing content that would actually add value to them. However, your content should be centered on your niche and be appropriate for the channels you’re using.

Your presence on various social media platforms is very crucial. You need to be consist on the social media, as well as deliver fresh content on a regular basis and posting them on various social media platforms this ensures that your content is seen. There are various automation softwares that helps to post your content on different social media platforms at a particular time without you having to be there. Such sofwares include hootesuite, klout, commun.it and a host of others.

Being available

This is also a very crucial aspect of social media marketing. Whenever you post something online, you also need to be there to answer the questions your readers or customers have to ask. This builds a bond between you and the customer and they tend to trust you more. Sometimes when you post a few articles or you upload any content, some followers might be interested in clarifying some things they don’t understand.

Ignoring questions on social media is very bad as some other readers that come across such unanswered questions will feel that you don’t care about your audience, and that kills reputation. Therefore always try as much as possible to acknowledge anybody that asks questions online.

social media marketing

Being blind to distractions

It’s better to achieve one thing at a time than trying to achieve plenty all at the same time. The beauty of focusing on one thing at a time is that when you have built one aspect of your social media marketing very well, you can leverage on that to build something bigger and better. A focused social media marketing strategy has a better chance for success than a broad strategy that attempts to be all things to all people.

That said, it always advisable to focus on developing good content that will drive conversations amongst your followers. Quality content sparks off conversations among your readers, when this happens, always be observant to know exactly the point they are making and channel your energy in line with developing a follow-up that best suites the needs of your readers or customers.


This always triggers people to participate in a community. Incentives can come in the form of a reward for completing a particular task. Most followers always like a page where they will be required to do a contest, in terms of answering some questions and get prices for it. Channel a little resource in line with some promotions so that your followers are actually propelled to add value to your business.

Basically everything is free online, so why not attract even more followers by offering more free items on your free sites? It doesn’t cost much, it pays.

To win the social media marketing game, you must always be at alert. Marketing your online business offline is also very essential and beneficial to any business. However, a content that is beneficial to its target audience is very important for a successful social media marketing.


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