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Top 10 Search Engine Essentials for site optimization on SERPs

October 8, 2016 SEO 6
search engine essentials

What is SEO and how can it impact my business?

SEO simply stands for search engine optimization. A term used to refer to the process of optimizing web pages to rank high on Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for a particular query which a user has requested for. The purpose of SEO is to create a unique experience for a user and to tell the search engine to recommend your site for a relevant search query. To successfully rank a page high for a particular search query requires that a number of Search Engine Essential tips for site optimization are taken into consideration.

Top 10 Search Engine Essentials for site optimization on SERPs;

Seo essentials
1. Relevance: One of the most important criteria is the relevance of your site to the search query. Over the years, search engines have evolved. Relevance of content ensures that when a user searches for “Best Movies of the year” he doesn’t end up seeing results for “List of Fashion designers”. The content on your website must correspond to what your potential customers type or will likely type in a search box. For best results, every business should understand their buyer and be able to decipher what a potential customer is likely to type into a search box and get their site content to rank for those specific keywords.
2. Quality of content: Quality content not only ensures that you get ranked high, it’s crucial in making a user to want to come back for more. Provide information which your user will be glad that they found on your website.
3. Site speed: Definitely if you have a slow site, you will end up losing to your competitor with a site that loads faster, even though you have done everything else correctly. Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages(AMP) is a new project which helps to display web pages at an ultra fast speed to users. Site peed is also useful for search engines too.
4. User Experience: Have you ever come across a site with wonderful content but find it hard to navigate or has lots of interruptions or too busy and jam-packed with plenty information that’s not well structured. You don’t want to be caught on this.
5. Cross-device compatibility: About 70% of searches occur on mobile. An excellent design is on which is able to fit all screen sizes perfectly. Google now ranks mobile friendly apps higher than non-mobile friendly counterpart when the search is done from mobile.
6. Authority Backlinks: For a site to rank high, quality backlinks from authority websites of similar niche will stand you out. Previously, just having lots of backlinks was enough to rank you high but google’s update now gives preference to sites with backlinks from quality websites.
7. Evergreen content: One thing that will also stand your business out in the crowd is ability to post content that will continue to be relevant even after a long period of time. Just a little update once in a while will make such content to still come up for a keyword even after a long time.
8. Internal linking: Internal linking is very important also, linking different pages together helps search engines crawl your page better. It also provides further reading for your visitor thereby making it easy for them to navigate from one page to the other with ease. Anchor tags can also help pages to rank for a particular keyword especially when it is used to link to another page of your site.
9. Meta descriptions and title tags: Meta description is a detailed description of what a particular page is about. And the title tag also provides information about your page. Best practices suggests that your desired keyword is included as part of the meta description and title tag. This improves the chances of a reader clicking on your site in search results.
10. Local SEO: The digital space is moving towards a more localized delivery of products and services. Businesses are now better able to sell their products to those around their locality. One way to boost local SEO is to get your business listed on Google MyBusiness. This helps businesses to be discovered when a search around your area of operation is performed.

Search Engine Optimization is a very essential part of digital marketing as is increases the chances of businesses selling their products at no extra cost for advertising


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