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What Local SEO can do for your Business

November 4, 2016 SEO 0
what local seo can do for your business

As the number of mobile phone users locally increase there is the need for businesses to make it easier for people to find them locally. People increasingly turn to search engines for find almost anything you can think of which the internet can offer. The information which people search for on search engines range from the nearest fashion house, to the closest fitness house, grocery store, even the nearest home energy refill centre.  A simple search on google will provide you with information of how to get these services around your locality. Positioning your business to make it easy for your store location to be found online with ease is very crucial. This is what Local SEO can do for your business and much more.

What is Local SEO(Search Engine Optimization)?

According to BrightLocal, Local SEO is a highly effective form of local online marketing. It allows local businesses to promote their services to local customers at exactly the time they’re looking for your type of business. Millions of local customers use these services every day to find the best local businesses in their area.

What Local SEO can do for you?

Local SEO can enable you show up on the first page of search engines results for queries related to the services or products your business is offering thereby making life easier for both you as the physical store owner and also the person searching for your business online.Local SEO is what makes your store-front visible when someone performs a search with keywords pointing to your store location or by simply performing a search on a device with geo location enabled. The idea behind local SEO is to help users find results which are best suited for their search query. In other words, they want to help users find information as close to them as possible.


How can I apply these to work for my brand?


  1. Get verified on Google MyBusiness listing: This is a way Google makes sure people can find your physical Address on the Google maps. To illustrate this, open up a new tab now in your browser and go to www.google.com. In the search tab, search for “Grocery Stores in Lekki”. You will notice a number of grocery stores around will show up in the google map section of the SERP. These are businesses with verified Google MyBusiness listing. Now from google.com, search for your type of business including the area your business is located, and see if you are listed. If you are not, go ahead and click here to register for Google MyBusiness www.google.com/mybusiness. Google will send a means of verification to your physical address, so make sure you enter the correct address. ADD IMAGES TO ILLUSTRATE THIS
  2. Add a Google map to your site close to your contact page or footer: With the help of your web designer, you can have a map added to your contact page. This map should point to the same address on your Google MyBusiness listing. Google map also help those with geo navigation enable on their device to conveniently locate your store.
  3. Have your page content and meta-tags optimized for local keywords (use descriptive illustrations): If you can’t do this yourself, you may have to contact your web designer to do this. It is much easier to handle if you are using a content management system like WordPress, because it makes it easier for someone without coding skills to do these. The content of your website is a means of letting search engines get to know about your business. Google finds out what you are writing about from the content of your website. Therefore when developing content for your site use keywords which your potential customers are likely to type into the google search box. Logo and image Alt tags are also means of telling search engines what about your business because search bots don’t understand images but they can read the alt tags of the image and logo. A little description in the alt tag about the location of your business will also help in getting your business seen for local search.
  4. Have your site listed on local directories like www.Vconnect.com , www.connectnigeria.com , etc. These are means of getting your business to be more visible on search engines for related search. Google can equally help in getting you a list of other local directories available in Nigeria and whichever country you reside in.
  5. Use a consistent physical address on your site and various other platforms: A consistent address helps search bots to identify your business with that particular physical address. This is very crucial for your local SEO. Growing up, we were taught that computers are “idiot “machines meaning that they don’t think for themselves. 11b Douglas street Cape Town and 11 Douglas drive Capetown may be treated differently by search engines.
  6. Add your location to social media profiles like Instagram and facebook: make sure it is consistent with that your website.
  7. Add your contact information at various positions on your website: This will help establish your presence for that location as search engines crawl your site and also make it easier for your visitors to be able to reach you.
  8. Include Geo tags to your site so that search engines can find your location: You can generate Geo tags using this online tool http://www.geotag.de/generator/en.html and other similar tools.
  9. If you have more than one location, create a separate page for them: Separate pages for separate address helps to prevent conflicts when bots crawl your page.
  10. Encourage customers to write reviews on credible sources: like Google my business, Facebook, Yelp etc. They improve your site ranking and tell search engines that you’re a real business serving people. A review on your website is not very effective as that on other reputable platforms. This is because google considers the fact that the review was posted by the site owner as opposed to reviews done by actual customers.


All these point to the fact that in other for your business to gain reputation in any field in the online marketplace, you must prove your brand as a reliable source of information and help in your niche. Reports show brands that have successfully distinguished themselves and positioned themselves as authorities in their field will always be favored by google. This is expected as Google aims to provide the best so to remain the most widely used search engine in the world.


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