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April 2, 2017 social media marketing 0
increase social media engagement organically

One of the most popular social media platforms, Facebook, always seeks for innovative ways to make feeds more relevant to their users. Content shared by friends and family are now being prioritized so users are able to get content which are relevant to them thereby increasing engagement. Various social media platform are being modeled to replicate search engines where users can search for information shared by other users and get results which are most relevant to their search query. Increase social media engagement organically is a crucial element in marketing brands digitally.

Questions most brands always seek answers to is how to ensure that their content continues to reach a good percentage of their audience. Earlier, paid ads seemed like the best way for brands to reach out to their audience but with time, more internet users are beginning to use adblockers, and the number of users increases every day.

Here in this post, a list of 5 ways smart brands can increase social media engagement organically:

   Make your profile easy to find:

When a sincrease social media engagement organicallyearch is performed on search engines, crawlers use the page description name, likes and the number of people talking about your page to rank you for the desired keyword. So you may want to use keywords as in your facebook profile name and descriptions keyword in your profile name will make it easier for your page to rank in Google page result.

Major tips to note:

  • Make your social page stand out and unique so it will be attractive enough for someone to want to click on it
  • Give a vivid description of what you do and possibly links to additional reference
  • Add keywords in your description of your products and services
  • Share posts that are keyword rich on social media band as well as content that are there to answer a specific question of the user
  • Always link back to relevant pages of your website or blog to help people and also help web crawlers navigate your website better.

    Post content that is relevant to your brand and your audience:

    increase social media engagement organicallyTo do this, you need to know your target audience well; who they are, how they consume content, what tone of voice is best for them. I wouldn’t make much sense advertising sanitary pads to boys between the age of 10-20. For instance, your content also determines how long a visitor will spend on your site. In built monitoring features like facebook insights and twitter analytics, is a good tool to help you identify the type of content that will provide better engagement to your audience.

Your competitions profile and strategy might equally be useful for you.

   Leverage on other platforms

social-marketingMarketers who wish to build authority in a particular industry occasionally write guest posts on other website or blogs. While guest writing, you could request editors to” tweet quotes” for your content to make it easier for visitors to share posts. You can enable this plugin using Quote Tweet.

Content distribution platforms such as buzzfeed, viral content are means of amplifying content on social media.

   Swim with the tide:

Digital marketingMost brands in Nigeria are already doing this. Social media is a powerful place for brands to make their products known without spending a fortune on ads. It only takes good listening skill.

Brands can take advantage of trending stories on twitter and other social platforms to promote their products. An example is the instance when first bank took advantage of the #keepthechangebae trend on twitter some days ago. Twitter hashtags are powerful tools for following up with happening on social media. Follow up on trending stories and write posts which will be relevant for the trending topic at the moment. Doing this will earn you retweets thereby increasing brand awareness and definitely search engines are taking note of these.

   Make your brand personal and as human as possible:

social media marketingInteraction is very crucial in today’s marketing age. Interact with your fans, customers’ audience, answer their questions as soon as possible and provide them with the right answer they are looking for. People are more receptive and ready to listen to you if they have interacted with you previously using social media listening tools are smart ways to monitor relevant keywords and also help in building a strong customer brand bond. Twitters lists are essential for monitoring influential fans, so you can interact with them at the right time and moment.

Social media is much more than what it used to be; it is now an SEO factor, a PR platform, a Customer Relationship outlet and a means of boosting your organic reach brands need to listen carefully and effectively to maximize the potential social media is endowed with. Applying these easy tricks will go a long way in helping to increase social media engagement organically for your brand.


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